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Fresh cereals and oatmeal are simply more wholesome.

A flaker should not be missing in any kitchen where value is placed on wholefood nutrition Always have fresh flakes on hand for cooking, baking bread or for quick cereal muesli (also known as muesli or organic muesli), for breakfast or in between meals. Fresh oat flakes, for example, are tastier and more wholesome, precisely because they are fresh and not preserved by artificial oxidation or heating (up to 100°C). Especially if you want to do something good for your little ones, get them a Hand flaker ( flake squeezer with manual operation ). They love oat flakes and cereal flakes even more when they have crushed them themselves with a flaker.

Of course, you can get fresh flakes very conveniently with an electric flaker / oat roller At the touch of a button and with a gentle whirring sound, two rollers squeeze the grain into so-called flakes in the cereal bowl for a wholesome breakfast.

Do you make your own oat flakes with a flaker or a grain mill?

This question is asked by everyone who has experienced how important the fresh preparation of cereals in their entirety is for a healthy, wholefood diet. Everyone has to struggle through the terminology to find out which utensils are needed for wholefood cooking. First and foremost, there are flakers for crushing grains and grain mills for grinding or crushing grains. There is a plethora of names for flakers: oat crusher, oat flake mill, oat flake crusher, oat mill, oat flake machine, flake machine, flake press, flake mill, flake squeezer, linseed squeezer, squeeze mill, flake squeezer, grain flaker, grain aqueezer, muesli squeezer, oat roller, grain press, etc....

You can find out the difference between a grain flaker and a grain mill here on the page Flaker or Mill (with pictures of grain flakes and grain meal).

Build your own flake crusher

If you not only want to crush your cereals yourself, but also build your own "flake crusher", here are the instructions of a pioneer: "Die Muesli-Quetsche" Also available at Amazon.

NEW 2022: Electric flaker for the price of a hand flaker

With the new Flake Lovers, there is no longer any reason to do without an electric flaker / oat roller.

Test with the Flakelovers electric flaker / oat roller


Electric Flaker / Oat Roller and Hand Flaker squeeze grain into flakes - here oat flakes


Comparison of organic oat flakes from the bag vs. freshly crushed oat flakes

In this video, you can see the difference between ready-made bagged oat flakes and oat flakes that you have crushed yourself. Sobering realisation: even organic oat flakes from the bag are not wholesome.

Note: The food industry has managed to use the term "organic" for its industrially produced foods to suggest that these are healthier than conventional products without the coveted organic label. Ready-made organic oatmeal may not be as contaminated with harmful toxins such as pesticides, but it is certainly not "healthier" in the sense of a wholefood diet ("wholemeal flour instead of white flour/extracted flour"). Because it has to be fresh if it is to be really wholesome and healthy.


Difference between bagged and freshly crushed wholemeal oatmeal in the video


Flaker manual
Luba hand flaker Anni
129,- €
KoMo hand flaker Flocino
149,- €
Schnitzer Oat crusher Campo
139,- / 149,- €
KoMo flake crusher FlicFloc
169,- €
Eschenfelder hand flaker table model with wooden hopper
table wood
154,- €
Eschenfelder flaker table model with aluminium hopper
table alu
154,- €
Messerschmidt Flake crusher
163,- €
Waldner Osttiroler Kornquetsche
198,- €
Salzburger hand flaker Flockenmeister
from 225,- €
Eschenfelder Korn-Quetsche wall model
wall model
from 190,- €
Electric Grain Flaker / Oat Roller
Electric Flaker / Oat Roller Flakelovers by Wolfgang Mock
W. Mock
199,- €
Youflake Electric Flaker / Oat Roller MuesliMachine
from 379,- €
Waldner Electric Flaker / Oat Roller Lisa
from 398,- €
KoMo Electric Flaker / Oat Roller FlocMan
399,- €
hawos Electric Flaker / Oat Roller El Flocko Grande
El Flocko Grande
429,- €
Jupiter Flake Crusher MySystem
219,- €
Haeussler Flake Crusher Max elektrisch
?,- €
YouFlake Electric Flaker / Oat Roller Herculez
2790,- €
YouFlake Electric Flaker / Oat Roller Herculez
3100,- €
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