Please do not feed white flour / extracted flour!

Excerpt from Dr. Schnitzer's Enlightenment Writings,
courtesy of Dr. Johann Georg Schnitzer,

Scientific findings on white flour

Dr. Schnitzer

"... So I informed the village population about how a healthy diet can be designed, what the causes of decay of the teeth are and how this can be prevented, organised housewives' evenings with preparation examples, asked the shopkeepers not to give sweets to the children any more, but e.g. nuts - and I encouraged the bakers to bake wholemeal breads from freshly ground wholemeal flour. I knew from the research of Prof. Dr. Werner Kollath that wholemeal flour must be processed into dough and bread or dishes immediately after milling, otherwise it loses its unique health values very quickly through oxidation and enzymatic decomposition. "Des goht net", the bakers told me. You can't bake bread like that. It won't hold together ..." (Continue reading on Dr. Schnitzer's page

Wholemeal bread

Wholemeal bread-fed laboratory rat. It was completely healthy and free of vermin during the 11 1/2 months of wholemeal bread feeding. (From the book by Prof. Friedrich Proell "Zahnaufbau und Zahnabbau in Abhängigkeit von der Ernährung", Johann Ambrosius Barth Verlag Leipzig, 1956).

Rat fed with wholemeal flour

Extract flour

Laboratory rat fed on bread rolls (white bread) in 2nd generation. Severely ill, with severe rash on ears, muzzle, tail and extremities (thick crusts), coat shaggy, "ugly", discordant proportions of head, body and limbs. To better reflect the details, this rat is reproduced slightly larger than the healthy rat. (From the same book by Prof. Friedrich Proell). One can see here that the type of bread of a population does not only influence the condition of the teeth, but the whole body, the shape, beauty or ugliness of the proportions.

Rat fed with extract meal


Florid caries of the grinding teeth of a wheat-mixed red (fine flour bread) rat. From the same book by Prof. Friedrich Proell "Zahnaufbau und Zahnabbau in Abhängigkeit von der Ernährung", Johann Ambrosius Barth Verlag Leipzig, 1956). - As we know from other research, under such inadequate "civilisation food" the psyche is similarly deformed as the body (aggressiveness, antisocial behaviour up to the killing of conspecifics) ...;"

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Dental caries

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