Electric Flaker / Oat Roller Max - commercial use

  • Haeussler Electric Flaker / Oat Roller Max - commercial use
RRP: ?,- €

Max at Producer


Squeezing capacity 500 g/min
Hopper cap. 6 kg
Walzen Edelstahl Ø5 cm x 3,8 cm
Speed 59 U/min.
Weight 39 kg
Engine power 750 W
H / W / D 48 / 32 / 42 cm
Casing Beech / Steel
Warranty 2 Years
3100,- €
750 W
500 g/min
Ø 50 mm
Fu 6000 g
3100,- €
750 W
500 g/min
Ø 50 mm
Fu 6000 g
?,- €
750 W
500 g/min
Ø 50 mm
Fu 6000 g



Haeussler Flake Crusher "Max" Electric Flaker / Oat Roller Info

Fresh oatmeal for the guests

A wholefood muesli or porridge can only be made with freshly ground cereal meal or with freshly crushed cereal flakes. Therefore, every gastronome needs his own flaker or mill in the house who wants to offer his guests a breakfast that is prepared according to the requirements of the "wholefoods".

Versatile use

The Max flake crusher not only crushes oats or cereals into smooth flakes. Other cereals such as spelt, wheat, rye, emmer or einkorn can also be crushed.

Also for seeds and spices

Seeds such as linseed, sesame and poppy seeds, as well as spices, e.g. fennel, caraway or coriander, can also be crushed.

Pressing pressure adjustable

The pressing pressure can be adjusted individually and continuously.

Strong performance

With a 0.75 kilowatt industrial motor, Max squeezes about 30 kilograms an hour, more than enough even for large hotels.

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