KoMo Hand Flaker FlicFloc

Squeezing capacity 80 - 100 g/min
Hopper cap. 100 g
Rollers Stainless steel
Weight 1,5 kg
Casing Beech Multiplex
Finish Oiled
H/W/D without crank 185 / 130 / 108 mm
Crank radius 170 mm
Warranty 3 Jahre


"FlicFloc" Grain Crusher Info

Simple - Functional - Beautiful

The axles of the press rollers are at an angle to each other. One roller is driven by the hand crank and pulls the counter roller along through the corrugations on the rollers. In this way, the grains are optimally drawn in and squeezed.


The flaker frame is made of durable, extremely stable multiplex beech wood.

The magic triangle

With FlicFloc, the eye eats along with the flakes. Well-balanced, smart proportions of the body, hopper and crank ensure aesthetic enjoyment right from the preparation of the flake meal. The integrated hopper is ingenious and can hold exactly one portion of cereal for the muesli.

The price performance

KoMo is happy to leave it to its customers to compare prices and performance with other flake crushers. Particularly remarkable is the enormous pressing pressure, which hardly any other flaker achieves. This way, the flake lover gets the finest flakes in no time at all and at a really friendly price.

Hand flaker FlicFloc in the test

Despite the short crank, turning is quite easy. You get fine oat flakes like with the electric flaker / oat roller FlocMan from Komo. Because of the slightly roughened rollers, you get smooth flakes without a distinctive finishn profile of the flakes.

Test with the FlocMan electric flaker / oat roller from KoMo


The hand flaker FlicFloc in the video:


Flaker manual
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Flaker Manufacturer
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