Hand Grain Mills - Grain Mills with Manual Drive

Grinding by hand with your own grain mill preserves vitamins, minerals and protein in the grain.

Hand grain mills are ideal for grinding for fresh grain porridge or for occasional grinding for small quantities or for on the go. The name "Vagabond", for example, is meant to express this. With hand mills you can also grind very finely. However, it takes time and energy. In return, you get really gently ground grain, as the flour is not heated as much as with electric grain mills


Hand grain mills can be divided into 3 classes:

  1. Travel grinders
    Space-saving for travel luggage, only recommended for coarse crushing for fresh organic muesli on the go too
  2. Small hand grain mills
    Coarsely grind cereals for muesli, if necessary also for fine wholemeal flour in small quantities.
  3. Large Hand-operated grain mills
    Grind grain gently and finely for baking bread and cakes or coarsely grind large quantities.


Travel mills / table mills

Handmills for on the go for coarse grinding in small quantities. They are as small and narrow as possible, similar to pepper mills, and have as short a crank as possible so that they can be easily stored in luggage. They are equipped with a collecting container that is flanged to the mill and can be easily removed. With the Schnitzer CH the collection container can also be used straight away for preparing the muesli, as it is made of plastic and can therefore be cleaned and rinsed wet. Because of its power and the table holder, it is also under "Small Hand Mills" listed. Of course, you can use these mills just as well as table mills for sprinkling dishes with wholesome, fresh grain meal.

Schnitzer Hand grain mill Table Mill
Table mill
49,- €
Schnitzer Hand grain mill Ligno Petit / LH
Ligno Petit
69,- €
Kornkraft Hand grain mill Vagabund
79,- / 85,- €
Kornkraft Hand grain mill Fabula
99,- €
Schnitzer hand grain mill CH
99,- €

Small hand grain mills

You can do more with such hand mills than with the small rice mills or table mills. Fine wholemeal flour can also be made with them, but rather in small quantities.

Schnitzer hand grain mill CH
99,- €
Schnitzer Hand grain mill Manus
99,- €
Kornkraft Hand grain mill Mulino
149,- €
Kornkraft Hand grain mill Farina
199,- €
Kornkraft Hand grain mill Mia Mola
Mia Mola
199,- €
hawos hand grain mill Molere
210,- €
Kornkraft Hand grain mill Terra Luna
199,- €

Large hand cereal mills

They are a real alternative to electric grain mills It costs time and energy, but you can also use them to produce fine flour in usual quantities for bread and cakes. The effort is worth it for really gently milled flour with the best baking properties, as the ground material is not heated as much as with electric mills with 1300 revolutions per minute.

WIDU Hand Grain Mill 90
Hand mill 90
198,- €
Kornkraft Hand grain mill Toscana
279,- €
KoMos Hand grain mill
Hand grain mill
229,- €
Schnitzer hand grain mill Country
249,- €
hawos hand grain mill Rotare
925,- €

Replica Roman hand grain mill made of stone at Amazon

Hand grain mill of the Romans

Hand grain mill with slightly conical grindstones. The profiling is beautifully visible.


Three hand grain mills in direct comparison in the video

  1. Elsaesser Hand grain mill
  2. Kornkraft Hand grain mill Mia Mola
  3. Kornkraft Hand grain mill Toscana


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