Electric Grain / Oat Flakers

Comfortably squeeze oats, grain and much more with an electric grain flaker

Electrically operated flake squeezeers are a fine thing. Almost noiselessly, they squeeze cereals for the portion of muesli in seconds at the touch of a button. Anything can be squeezeed, such as spices, cereals, oil seeds, sunflower seeds, but not whole nuts. Oats make the nicest flakes.

Unfortunately, there is not yet a large selection, which is probably due to the price and also because hand-held grain flakers squeeze almost as quickly and you usually don't need large quantities.

An advantage of electric grain flakers

They are free-standing and therefore do not need to be attached to a protruding table edge with a clamp.

Flake squeezer or flake mill?

Grain and Oat Flakers are often also called flake mills, which often leads to confusion, as a flaker is not a mill in the sense of a grain mill and therefore cannot be used to grind flour.

Cereal / oat flaker or grain mill?

And if you're wondering whether to get a grain mill or flaker, take a quick look at "Flaker or Mill?" an.

NEW 2022: Electric flaker for the price of a hand flaker

With the new Flake Lovers , there is no longer any reason to do without an electric grain flaker.

Electric Grain Flaker Flakelovers tested


HowTo: How easy it is to flake your own organic muesli


Electric Grain Flaker / Oat Roller
Electric Flaker / Oat Roller Flakelovers by Wolfgang Mock
W. Mock
199,- €
Youflake Electric Flaker / Oat Roller MuesliMachine
from 379,- €
Waldner Electric Flaker / Oat Roller Lisa
from 398,- €
KoMo Electric Flaker / Oat Roller FlocMan
399,- €
hawos Electric Flaker / Oat Roller El Flocko Grande
El Flocko Grande
429,- €
Jupiter Flake Crusher MySystem
219,- €
Haeussler Flake Crusher Max elektrisch
?,- €
YouFlake Electric Flaker / Oat Roller Herculez
2790,- €
YouFlake Electric Flaker / Oat Roller Herculez
3100,- €
Flaker Manufacturer
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