Combi Mills - Grain Mills with Flaker

The clever combination - grain mill and flaker in one appliance

If you want to eat wholefoods, you need both: a grain mill and a flaker. The question here is not "Mill or flaker", but whether you want to have both devices separately or in one.

The first combination mill was introduced to the mill market by Schnitzer long before the other mill manufacturers. It was aptly named "Vario" To this day, it drives the grinding unit and the crushing mechanism with just one motor.

It was not until many years later that KoMo ventured to develop such a combination machine. It was given the significant name "Duett" It came with two motors: A powerful motor for the grinder and a more economical one for the crusher. This makes it possible to grind and flake at the same time. It is available in two versions or performance classes as Duett 100 for normal use and Duett 200 with a more powerful motor for the mill. KoMo, always price-conscious, also created an attractive alternative for the smaller purse: "FidiFloc" This combination unit is also available in two line classes: FidiFloc 21 with 250 watt motor and FidiFloc Medium with 360 watt, analogous to Fidibus 21 and Fidibus Medium. The highlight: The original KoMo hand flaker "FlicFloc" is integrated into the housing. This can be removed in a few easy steps, e.g. to take it with you when travelling. The advantage of the integrated FlicFloc is that it does not have to be held in place with table clamps, as it is held in place by the weight of the housing.

Waldner, as a traditional and renowned Austrian mill manufacturer, liked the concept with separate motors so much that it sent its "Combi-Star" into the race. It scores with the same performance (compare Duett 100) with its compact dimensions and the wood type Pine (contains essential mite-repellent oil).


Combi mills - Grain mills with flakerCombi mills - Grain mill with flaker
KoMo Combi mill FidiFloc 21
FidiFloc 21
469,- €
KoMo Combi mill FidiFloc Medium
FF Medium
589,- €
Schnitzer Mill with Flaker Vario
739,- €
KoMo Combi mill Duett 100
Duett 100
719,- €
Waldner Mill with Flaker Luis
895,- €
KoMo Combi mill Duett 200
Duett 200
919,- €
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