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RRP: 398,- € in Larch
RRP: 410,- € in Pine

Lisa in Larch at Producer

Lisa in Pine at Producer

Waldner Electric Grain Flaker LISA


Squeezing capacity 110 g/min
Hopper cap. 220 g
Rollers Stainless steel
Weight 5,5 kg
Engine power 120 W
H / W / D 290 / 155 / 155 mm
Wood type Pine or Larch
Finish Holz/Blende Oil / Lacquer
Warranty 5 Years


Waldner "Lisa" Electric Flaker / Oat Roller Info

The elgante electric flake crusher made from Larch or Pine

Reduced to the essentials, this new flake crusher in modern design crushes the cereals for daily muesli at the touch of a button.

The hopper

Because of the form-fitting design, the hopper of this electric flaker / oat roller is smaller than that of the KoMo FlocMan, but with a capacity of 180g it is large enough for 2 - 4 portions of muesli.

The crusher

The full grain is crushed into fine flakes between two stainless steel rollers. The crushing capacity of 110 g/min is slightly higher than that of the Flocman. Instead of conical rollers, parallel rollers flake the muesli. The distance between the rollers is not adjustable, but Lisa reliably crushes all cereals (oats, spelt, kamut, ancient wheat) and various seeds. Even the small linseeds are broken up so that their nutrients can be utilised in the body.


For cleaning the rollers, the squeezing unit can be easily removed without tools. The cover is fixed with pins and held in place with magnets.

Electric flaker Lisa in the test

Lisa, like the hand flaker from Waldner, crushed our oat grains just as finely and evenly into fine oat flakes as the "Osttiroler Flaker" from Waldner Just as striking with Lisa are the fluted finish and the uniformity of the flakes as with no other flaker we have tested. We did not miss the possibility of adjusting the flake thickness, as our concern is fine flakes.

Test with the LISA electroflocculator from Waldner with unique result


Bedienungsanleitung Lisa


Electric flaker Waldner Lisa in the video:

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