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Grain silo or grain dispenser with grain outlet at the bottom.Grain silo with grain outlet at the bottom.


Special storage for grain: grain silos

Whoever likes to bake wholemeal breads or cakes more often will consider buying a container or bin for their grain if they don't always want to take it out of the bag. It is also more practical to have a storage unit handy. That is why grain mill manufacturers offer special grain stores for storing grain at home. These are grain silos or grain dispensers in which grain and grains are filled in at the top and discharged at the bottom.

Grain dispensers with grain discharge at the bottom have several advantages:

  • The hopper can be filled even if there is still grain in the hopper, without older grain accumulating at the bottom.
  • Some movement of the grain each time it is removed. Pests such as grain beetles or flour moths do not like movement.
  • Grain silos with a viewing window you always have the fill level in view and can also see whether grain beetles have nested in the grain. The small black creepy-crawlies are not uncommon in the grain directly from the organic farmer's farm.
  • No shovel or trowel needed to remove grain. Simply open the outlet and collect in a container.
  • Beautiful sight, decorative accessory in the bakery or kitchen.

Optimal grain stores = grain silos with grain outlet at the bottom:

Wooden box - Decorative grain barrel in many sizes as grain container and sundries Wooden box - Decorative grain barrel in many sizes as grain container and sundries

Containers for grain and all kinds of things: wooden boxes


Manufacturers of grain mills also offer simple wooden containers for storing grain. They are also suitable for small quantities, and not only for grain. Nuts, spices, coffee, tea or small things can also be stored well and sorted in the decorative wooden boxes or wooden barrels.

Wooden cans and wooden barrels:

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