Grain Mills and Flakers for Home Use

We are pleased that you are on the best path to a wholesome diet and want to grind your own grain fresh at home. Find out here about the extensive range of grain mills with stone grinders and grain flakers. Then you are sure to find exactly the right flour mill and cereal flaker for your household.

All Electric Grain Mills at a Glance

Large overview with grain mills from all established manufacturers sorted by price, motor power, grinding capacity, millstone size, hopper size, setting and manufacturer.

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The Best Grain Mill - Test Winner

Even though there are numerous tests with supposed test winners on the internet, we say there is no such thing as the "best grain mill". It depends on what you particularly value. If it is the fineness of the flour, then you will search in vain for the mill that grinds the finest flour. The type of grain also matters. It is similar with the noise level, even if there are specifications in dB(A) about it. So there are many criteria according to which electric or hand-operated grain mills or flour mills want to be evaluated.

Classification into Performance Classes

Electric grain mills for household use can be divided into three power classes according to watts and two classes according to grams per minute:

from 250 Watt~100g Class
360 - 400 Watt~100g Class
550 - 600 Watt~200g Class

Decision for a grain mill / flour mill

You can't really make a wrong purchase if you buy a grinder listed here that meets your performance requirements. For normal family needs, a mill in the 100g/min class is sufficient. Only if your needs are very high and you mainly want to grind hard grains such as maize and chickpeas, will a more powerful model in the 200 g/min class be worthwhile.

Grain mill tests over 20 years

To give you an overview of what is important in a grain mill for the home, all the relevant criteria are compiled on the page The big grain mill test


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The 10 Best Grain Mills

From all price and performance classes with grinding stones Corundum Ceramic, natural stone granite und basalt in magnesite

TOP-TEN electric grain mills for the home

Electric flaker Flake Lovers by Wolfgang MockGreat electric flaker / oat roller
for the price of a hand flaker

To the videos with grain mills test Mockmill 10045 Videos with Mockmill 100

Wholemeal Flour

Every child today knows that wholemeal products are healthier than white flour products. However, there is little knowledge about what is wholesome in the sense of wholefoods.

White flour - Wholemeal Flour

Why a Grain Mill?

Anyone who has studied wholefoods knows how crucial freshness is for a wholesome diet. It is equally important to consume food in its entirety.

Therefore a Grain Mill

Grain Mill Guidebook

With the variety of grain mills from different manufacturers, it is difficult to make a decision. Therefore, here is an overview of the criteria for a grain mill for home use.

Grain Mill Test
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