Waldner Grain Mill with Flaker Luis

  • Waldner Combi Mill - Grain mill with flaker Luis - front view
  • Waldner Combi Mill - Grain mill with flaker Luis - Wholemeal flour and oat flakes
  • Waldner Combi Mill - Grain mill with flaker Luis - Grinder open
  • Waldner Combi Mill - Grain mill with flaker Luis - Front panel removed
  • Waldner Combi Mill - Grain mill with flaker Luis - Top view
  • Waldner Combi Mill - Grain mill with flaker Luis - Combi mill Backside
  • Waldner Combi Mill - Grain mill with flaker Luis - Rotating Grindstone
  • Waldner Combi Mill - Grain mill with flaker Luis - Squeezing unit
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Grinding efficiency 130 grams per minute
Grindstone made of corundum ceramic with 90mm diameter
Funnel capacity 1000 gram
Setting the flour fineness by turning the hopper
Grain mill also suitable for maize and hard grains
RRP: 895,- €

Luis at Producer

Waldner Mill with Flaker LUIS - Grain mill with flaker


Flour fine 130 g/min
Hopper cap. 1000 g
Grindstone Corundum ceramic
Gr. Diameter 90 mm
Gr. Chamber Plastic
Weight 10 kg
Engine power 400 W
H / W / D 260 / 310 / 260 mm
Standfläche B x H 310 x nur 192 mm
Shelter height 117 mm
Wood species Pine
Finish Water lacquer
Squeezing capacity 80 g/min
Hopper cap. 120 g
Rollers Stainless steel
Engine power 240 W ⎓
Warranty 8 Years
739,- €
360 W
110 g/min
Ø 90  mm
Fu 1400 g
Duett 100
719,- €
360 W
100 g/min
Ø 85  mm
Fu 1400 g
895,- €
400 W
130 g/min
Ø 90  mm
Fu 1000 g


"Luis" Grain Mill Info

Grain mill and flaker in one unit

Luis - The new Waldner Mill with Flaker 2020 model:

  • Modern design
  • Removable front panel
  • Larger feed hopper on the flaker
  • One combination switch for two functions (grinding or flaking)

As with the predecessor model Combi-Star:

Two industrial motors with overload protection drive Luis, the flaker on the left, the mill on the right. Both are powerful enough to supply a large family with wholemeal flour - finely milled or coarsely ground - and wholemeal flakes.

Saving space

With its small dimensions, it finds a place even in the smallest kitchen without having to sacrifice the performance of a standard household mill.

Mill and motor

The heart of the grain mill, the Grindstone, is made of ceramic-bonded corundum (corundum ceramic). The Grindstones are self-sharpening and also suitable for coarse crushing of oil seeds. This modern grindstone technology combines incredible hardness with the greatest possible durability and optimal grinding properties without the use of chemical additives. The correct dimensioning of the grindstone diameter and motor speed ensures gentle grinding of the whole grain. Cleaning of the easily accessible grinding mechanism (simply twist off the hopper) is not necessary during normal operation.

The industrial motor for the grain mill with 400 watts power input grinds cereals and hard grains such as maize or chickpeas at an above-average speed.


Child safety is also mandatory with Luis. It prevents the motor from starting when the gr. chamber is open.

Squeezing mechanism for flakes

The squeezing mechanism is hidden behind the easily removable front panel. Like most flake squeezers, this one is equipped with stainless steel rollers. The crushing mechanism can be easily removed for cleaning without tools. The drive with the 240 watt industrial motor and gears made of tough plastic crushes grain as well as oily seeds such as linseed and sunflower seeds into fine flakes very quietly, reliably and very finely.

Optimal wood

Swiss pine, or simply pine, is familiar from cosy farmhouse parlours. The Austrians also like to use it to build mills because it has a mite-repellent effect due to its ethereal fir smell. Its variegated colour from white to red develops into a balanced golden brown over the years. The sometimes very large knots in the wood emphasise the rustic character of this quaint wood.


The water-based varnish on the outside finish makes Luis more resistant to mechanical stress and easy to clean. Any dirt can be wiped off with a damp cloth

Fine oat flakes and fine chickpea flour with Luis.

Fine oat flakes and fine chickpea flour with Luis

Oatmeal with Luis

Chickpea flour with Luis


Space-saving without compromising performance

Drawing with dimensions of Luis Combi mill


Luis in the video bei www.getreidemuehlen.shop

Waldner Mill with Flaker Luis in the video bei getreidemuehlen.shop


Manual for Waldner Combi mill Luis

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