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Motor power 360 Watt
Grinding efficiency 110 grams per minute
Grindstone made of corundum ceramic with 90mm diameter
Funnel capacity 1400 gram
Setting the flour finenessby pushing the lever
Grain mill suitable for maize
RRP: 629,- €

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Schnitzer Combi mill VARIO - Grain mill with flaker


Flour fine 110 g/min
Hopper cap. 1400 g
Grindstone Corundum ceramic
Gr. Diameter 90 mm
Gr. Chamber Stainless steel
Weight 14 kg
Engine power 360 W
Shelter height 95 mm
H / W / D 420 / 195 / 260 mm
Wood species Beech
Finish Lasur
Warranty 2 / 7 Years
629,- €
360 W
110 g/min
Ø 90  mm
Fu 1400 g
Duett 100
699,- €
360 W
100 g/min
Ø 85  mm
Fu 1400 g
764,- €
400 W
130 g/min
Ø 90  mm
Fu 1000 g


"Vario" Combi Mill Info

Grain mill and flaker / flake crusher in one appliance

Practical, Clever ... Vario! The pioneer among combination units, tried and tested for more than ten years. Saves space, as it only needs one motor to conserve resources. Effortless grinding (even of maize) and flaking to perfection.

Compact, robust and intelligent design make the Vario an outstanding combi mill that you can enjoy grinding and flaking for a long time. The massive, heavy mill body has something decisive going for it. It contributes to the optimal dampening of the grinding noise.

Convenient one-handed operation by means of a lever is just as self-evident as easy opening of the Gr. Chamber if it needs to be cleaned. Remove the bottom of the hopper, twist off the Gr. Chamber and you will see the extremely hard stones made of corundum ceramic.

With the 360-watt industrial motor and the grindstones made of proven corundum ceramic, the mill grinds all types of grain with a flour fineness of 82% below 0.3 mm and also maize as well as chickpeas.

The cabinet is made of solid beech and treated with natural oils on the outside. Plastic has been omitted as far as technically feasible. The Gr. Chamber is moulded from stainless steel.

The Vario comes with interchangeable columns in natural and cherry colour. You can choose between Vario with wooden hopper and hopper in polished stainless steel.

A new feature since 2013 is the hopper, which is simply placed on top and can also be used as a grain bowl or grain container if required. Depending on how the hopper is put on, the grains enter the mill or the crusher.

Handling and opening the grinding chamber is very easy

The hopper with closure is easily removable so that you can use it as a grain bowl. Simply put the hopper in place and turn the opening over the desired inlet opening for flakes or flour (flake crusher or grain mill).

Simply lift off the hopper

Fill hopper with grains

Put the hopper on and turn it in the desired direction (flakes or flour).

Open the shutter and switch on

Grinding chamber open without tool

Push the bottom of the hopper backwards

Lift off the hopper bottom

Gr. Chamber turn slightly to the left and lift off

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