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Grinding efficiency 170 grams per minute
Grindstones aus Korund-Keramik mit 100mm diameter
Funnel capacity 1500 gram
Setting the flour fineness by turning the hopper
Grain mill also suitable for maize and hard grains
RRP: 599,- €

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Grain mill Waldner FAMILY


Flour fine 170 g/min
Hopper cap. 1500 g
Grindstone Corundum ceramic
Gr. Diameter 100 mm
Gr. Chamber Wood
Weight 9,0 kg
Engine power 400 W
Shelter height 90 mm
H / W / D 365 / 245 / 245 mm
Wood species Swiss pine
Finish Water lacquer
Warranty 8 Years


"Family" Grain Mill Info

It comes from the family of East Tyrolean household grain mills and is THE grain mill in traditional East Tyrolean design as well as their technology. Nevertheless, it has won a place with numerous families who only want to process and consume fresh wholemeal flour.

With 170 g of fine wholemeal flour per minute, it grinds the amount that a wholemeal family needs.

The housing in pinewood not only creates atmosphere. Pinewood smells wonderfully of pine and has mite-repellent properties.

The Gr. Chamber made of solid wood will be appreciated by people who do not want plastic to come into contact with the wholemeal. However, unfortunately, the stone receptacle of the spinning Grindstoness is made of plastic.

The turntable for adjusting the flour fineness is also not made of plastic, but of steel for heavy duty and long life of the adjustment mechanism.

It can be opened without tools by simply twisting off the hopper, where you also effortlessly adjust the fineness. Because it is so easy to open, an integrated child safety lock prevents the motor from starting when the gr. chamber is open.

Hard to open without tools.

The hard stones made of corundum ceramic are virtually wear-free and self-sharpening. An industrial motor designed for continuous operation ensures high load-bearing capacity and long service life.

The Family is technically similar to the Industry: Gr. Chamber made of wood and turntable for adjustment made of steel (pictures with opened grinding chamber at the grain mill Industry)


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Waldner Grain Mill Family
599,- €
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1690,- €
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764,- €
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