Schnitzer Grain Mill Cerealo 100

Flour fine 100 g/min
Hopper cap. 1000 g
Grindstone Corundum ceramic
Gr. Diameter 75 mm
Gr. Chamber Plastic
Weight 6,3 kg
Engine power 250 W
Shelter height 120 mm
H / W / D 315 / 150 / 150 mm
Wood species Beech
Finish Hard wax
Warranty 2 / 7 Years
Fidibus 21
289,- €
250 W
100 g/min
Ø 75 mm
Fu 850 g
Cerealo 100
289,- €
250 W
100 g/min
Ø 75 mm
Fu 1000 g
369,- €
250 W
100 g/min
Ø 75 mm
Fu 850 g

"Cerealo 100" Grain Mill Info

Universally applicable

Now grind everything aroma-neutrally thanks to the interchangeable grinders. E.g. one for cereals, one for gluten-free seeds, one for wheat- and corn-sized spices such as pepper, cumin, cloves, or one for coffee.

Sufficiently powerful motor for normal demands

With its 250 watt industrial motor, which is designed to withstand long loads, the Cerealo 100 aroma mill grinds all common types of grain in no time at all. Those who want to grind hard grains such as maize and chickpeas more often are advised to go for the more powerful Cerealo 200, or at least the Cerealo 125.

Especially easy handling and care

The design of the Cerealo mill series makes it particularly easy to use and maintain. The desired fineness can be infinitely adjusted by turning the hopper. Gr. chamber can be reached just as easily by turning the hopper. The Gr. Chamber can be opened for cleaning in a few easy steps and the grinder can be replaced if necessary. The only thing needed to loosen the lower grindstone is the Allen key, which is included in the scope of delivery of the grinder along with a cleaning brush for the ejector.

Multiplex makes the housing indestructible

The housing made of beech multiplex is particularly stable and warp-free. It also cannot crack (split) because of the crosswise gluing of the thin wood layers. It also does not react negatively to climatic fluctuations (hot-cold, damp-dry). The oiled finish can be easily refreshed at any time later by sanding and re-oiling.

The interchangeable grinder

The Schnitzer Grain Mills of the "Cerealo" series are all equipped with a changeable grinder. If required, another or more interchangeable grinders can be ordered. The scope of delivery of a changeable grinder includes the two grindstones, a silicone insert (size Chamberinlett dishwasher safe), an Allen key and a cleaning brush for the flour ejector.

With the Cerealo. Grind spelt grains and use it to bake a wholemeal bread. It's that easy:

Manual for Cerealo 100, 125 und 200

Accessories: Flour sieve attachment

Flour sieve with three mesh sieves fine, medium and coarse as sieve attachment for the electric grain mills by KoMo and Schnitzer

Schnitzer Grain Mills LogoSchnitzer Grain Mills
Schnitzer grain mill Cerealo 100
Cerealo 100
289,- €
Schnitzer grain mill Cerealo 125
Cerealo 125
369,- €
Schnitzer grain mill Cerealo 200
Cerealo 200
469,- €
Schnitzer Mill with Flaker Vario
629,- €
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