Mock Grain Mill Mockmill LINO 100

  • Grain mill Mockmill LINO 100 with filled hopper
  • Grain mill Mockmill LINO 100 Front view
  • Grain mill by Wolfgang Mock LINO 100 Backside
  • Mockmill PRO 100 with spelt wholemeal flour
  • Grain mill Mockmill LINO 100 disassembled and from above
  • Mockmill LINO 100 Grinding Chamber Open
  • Grindstone corundum ceramics at Mockmill LINO 100
  • Grain mill Mockmill LINO 100 upper, standing grindstone
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Motor power 360 Watt
Grinding efficiency 100 grams per minute
Grindstone made of corundum ceramic with 90mm diameter
Funnel capacity 1300 gram
Setting the flour fineness by turning the hopper
Grain mill also suitable for maize and hard grains
Test winner: The 10 best grain mills
RRP: 399,- €

LINO 100 at

LINO 100 at Producer

Mockmill Lino 100 electric grain mill

Waldner grain mill Mona


Flour fine 100 g/min
Hopper cap. 1300 g
Grindstone Corundum ceramic
Gr. Diameter 90 mm
Gr. Chamber Plastic
Weight 6,6 kg
Engine power 360 W
Shelter height 125 mm
H / W / D 380 / 208 / 242 mm
Casing Wood and HI-MACs©
Natural acrylic stone™
Finish Oiled
Warranty 2 / 12 Years*

* 2 years commercial, 12 years private

Freshly ground wholemeal flour anytime with the flour mill Mockmill Lino 100: Easy operation, easy to clean, stepless adjustment of the grinding degree by turning the hopper from very fine to coarse

About Wolfgang Mock and his Cereal Mills in the video:


The whole story about the passionate mill designer Wolfgang Mock - This article with many pictures was originally published in the Summer 2016 issue of Bread Magazine.


LINO 100
399,- €
360 W
100 g/min
Ø 90 mm
Fu 1300 g
Oktagon 1
449,- €
360 W
125 g/min
Ø 100 mm
Fu 1100 g
455,- €
400 W
120 g/min
Ø 90 mm
Fu 800 g


"Mockmill LINO 100" Grain Mill Info

The new Mockmill grain mill for discerning wholefood bakers at home

Not everyone grinds for hours and wants to spend so much money on something they never need for their freshly milled grain requirements. Who needs several kilos of wholemeal flour in one go? That's why there is finally a more affordable version of the Mockmill PRO range: The LINO 100 with 360 watts and LINO 200 with 600 watts.

PRO and LINO differ only in grinding time, but considerably in price:

  • Same technology
  • Same grinder
  • Same grindstones
  • Same wooden housing
  • Same grinding speed
  • Same fine flour

New generation professional grain mill

  • Measuring time for normal household quantities
  • Large 90 mm diameter corundum ceramic grindstones
  • Optimised grindstone surface for extra fine flour
  • Stepless adjustment of the flour fineness from very fine to coarse (scale 1-20)
  • Precise reproducibility of the setting with a scale of 1-20 with intermediate steps
  • Case made of wood (birch) and HI-MACs© Natural Acrylic Stone™
  • Made in Germany
  • Delivered gluten-free ground
  • 12-year warranty for private use

Motor and power

A 360 Watt powerful industrial motor with 1300 rpm creates 100 grams of finest wholemeal flour per minute with the large (Ø90mm), surface-optimised Grindstones. As you can see from the two pictures of the mill test, in addition to common grains such as wheat, barley, rye, spelt, etc., hard, larger seeds such as chickpeas and maize can also be finely ground, even on the first pass. You can see what all can be ground at which setting in the Grinding degree table

Grindstones made of corundum ceramic

Optimum size, finish and profiling of the grindstones are crucial for flour fineness. With his experience from more than 30 years of mill construction, the passionate mill builder Wolfgang Mock has been able to achieve the optimal size, finish and profile for his new grain mills Mockmill 100 and 200 ( in the modern Arboblend housing) and Mockmill LINO 100 and 200 optimise the essential properties even further to achieve even better grinding results. Due to its extreme hardness and porosity (self-sharpening), the corundum ceramic grindstone, which has been tried and tested over decades, offers optimal properties for excellent grinding results.

Adjusting the grind

Adjustment is infinitely variable by turning the hopper. A scale from 1-20 with intermediate steps ensures precise orientation and reproducibility of the setting for flour fineness.

Stepless adjustment of the grinding degree or flour fineness with the Mockmill LINOSetting the flour fineness with the Mockmill LINO can be reproduced with pinpoint accuracy

Cleaning and opening fhe grinding chamber

The grinding chamber can be opened for cleaning very easily and without the use of tools. Simply turn the hopper counterclockwise in the direction of the coarse until the hopper can be lifted off.

The hopper can be opened by turning it counterclockwise.

The mill housing

The design of the Mill body fits perfectly into the modern kitchen: simple, puristic design in which the two basic shapes of circle and square are combined in a well-proportioned way. The simple grain of the light, friendly birch wood corresponds exactly to the simple shape of the Mill body.

Not a grain mill for the pantry

Mockmill LINO wants to be seen. Designed according to the rules of the epitome of timeless beauty, the golden section, it radiates harmony and perfection. Even the shape of the hopper is no coincidence. The upper bevel aims precisely at the outer edge of the top of the body (anthracite-coloured cover with adjustment scale), while the lower bevel is aligned precisely with the centre of the golden section above the flour ejector.

Design of the Mockmill LINO 100 and 200 grain mill in the Golden Section

Funnel and back wall

The multiple gluing of sections of solid beech guarantees the best stability and tear resistance of the turned hopper and the back wall. Under normal climatic conditions such as those found in a household, these components will not crack or warp.

The finish

No question with Wolfgang Mock. He oils his mills so that the exquisite wood can be shown to its best advantage with a silky-matt shimmer. Moreover, naturally oiled wood surfaces have an antistatic effect, which means they do not attract dust as is the case with lacquered furniture.

Mill tests passed with flying colours:

The pictures are taken with the Mockmill PRO 100. Own pictures for the LINO 100 would be identical, as it grinds in the same way as the PRO, just not "for hours".

Test: Spelt ground to the finest level with the Mockmill Pro100 grain millTest: Spelt ground to the finest level with the Mockmill Pro 100 grain mill

Test: Fine chickpea flour during the first grinding on level 2 with the Mockmill PRO 100Test: Fine chickpea flour during the first grinding on level 2 with the Mockmill PRO 100


Grinding degree table of the Mockmill grain mills

Manual like Mockmill Pro

Grain mill Test Mockmill LINO 100 Top-Ten of 50

Mockmill Grain Mills LogoMockmill® Stone mills
Mock Grain Mill Mockmill 100
Mockmill 100
229,- €
Mock Grain Mill Mockmill 200
Mockmill 200
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Mock Grain Mill Mockmill LINO 100
Mock. LINO 100
399,- €
Mock Grain Mill Mockmill LINO 200
Mock. LINO 200
499,- €
Mock Grain Mill Mockmill PRO 200
Mock. Pro200
649,- €
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