Mock Grain Mill Mockmill 200

Flour fine 200 g/min
Hopper cap. 1100 g
Grindstone Corundum ceramic
Gr. Diameter 90 mm
Gr. Chamber Plastic
Weight 8,0 kg
Engine power 600 W
Shelter height 115 mm
H / W / D 380 / 190 / 220 mm
Casing Arboblend ® *
Finish -
Warranty 6 Years

* Made from renewable raw materials

Freshly-milled wholemeal flour at home with the flour mill Mockmill 200: Stepless adjustment from very fine to coarse, throughput of approximately 200 grams per minute

About Wolfgang Mock and his Cereal Mills in the video:


The whole story about the passionate mill designer Wolfgang Mock - This article with many pictures was originally published in the Summer 2016 issue of Bread Magazine.


"Mockmill 200" Grain Mill Info

Grain mill Mockmill 100 / 200 - Next Generation


Next generation grain mill

  • Housing made of Arboblend ® (plastic made from renewable raw materials)
  • Large grindstones (ø 90 mm) made of corundum ceramic with optimised grinding surface for particularly fine flour
  • Expansion of the setting range
  • Made in Germany
  • Price-performance
  • 6-year warranty

Das Housing

Always striving for optimisation As a passionate mill builder for over 40 years now, Wolfgang Mock uses plastic in his latest grain mill. It is no ordinary plastic made from mineral oil, but 98% renewable raw materials. They consist mainly of lignin and cellulose, which are waste products from paper production.

Convincing advantages of the plastic Arboblend ®

  • Natural biomaterial ideal for grain mills
  • Environmentally and resource friendly
  • Versatile design options as with ordinary plastics
  • After high investment costs (injection moulds), cost minimisation for large quantities
  • Significantly cheaper production compared to wood processing
  • Easy to clean - Simply wipe clean with a damp cloth

The Grindstones

The design enables large grindstones with a diameter of 90 mm in the smallest possible housing. In addition to the optimised stone size, Wolfgang Mock has also redesigned the finishn profile of the grindstones for even finer flour. The stones in this mill are also made of the proven corundum-ceramic mixture. They are extremely hard, self-sharpening and durable.

The motor

With 600 watts power input of the industrial motor, which withstands particularly high loads over time, all types of grain can be finely ground. Especially with hard cereals like buckwheat and grains like maize or chickpeas, the investment in the more powerful motor pays off. The grinding speed is twice as fast as with the Mockmill 100.

Bearing of the motor

To minimise vibrations that occur during the grinding process as much as possible, the motor is mounted on a continuous rubber ring. This reduces the grinding noise to the best possible minimum.

Innovative, unique fineness adjustment

The adjustment is stepless by means of convenient lever adjustment. As with all lever systems, the adjustment range is limited. But with the Mockmill, this range can be changed at will without much effort or tools.

Change the adjustment range at will

If you want to grind even coarser than the setting range allows, simply readjust:

  1. Slide the adjustment lever to the coarsest setting (all the way to the right)
  2. Loosen the adjustment lever slightly by turning it (turn counterclockwise - do not push!)
  3. Push the lever all the way to the left
  4. Tighten the lever again (clockwise). Done!

It is just as easy to set the adjustment range back to very fine in reverse order.


Grinding degree table of the Mockmill grain mills

Manual Mockmill 100 / 200

Grain mill Test Mock Mockmill 200 Top-Ten of 50


Grinding test with the Mockmill 100 in 45 videosGrind grains, seeds and spices with the Mockmill 100 in 45 short videos


Mockmill 200 in Aktion


Setting for even coarser grind in the video


Learn more about the manufacturer in the video

Manufacturer Wolfgang Mock presents his new mill "Mockmill 100" and also talks about his 41-year history as a mill builder, motivation and enthusiasm for freshly ground grain.


Mockmill Grain Mills LogoMockmill® Stone mills
Mock Grain Mill Mockmill 100
Mockmill 100
229,- €
Mock Grain Mill Mockmill 200
Mockmill 200
299,- €
Mock Grain Mill Mockmill LINO 100
Mock. LINO 100
399,- €
Mock Grain Mill Mockmill LINO 200
Mock. LINO 200
499,- €
Mock Grain Mill Mockmill PRO 200
Mock. Pro200
649,- €
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