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Motorleistung 360 Watt
Mahlleistung 100 grams per minute
Grindstone made of corundum ceramic with 70mm diameter
Funnel capacity 560 gram
Setting the flour fineness durch Drehen des Knopfes
Grain mill not suitable for maize
RRP: 299,- €

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Flour fine 100 g/min
Hopper cap. 560 g
Grindstone Corundum ceramic
Gr. Diameter 70 mm
Gr. Chamber Wood
Weight 7,9 kg
Engine power 360 W
Shelter height 140 mm
H / W / D 330 / 150 / 150 mm
Wood species Beech
Finish Oiled
Warranty 10 Years


"easy" Grain Mill Info

Simple and ideal - the hawos easy

hawos easy is solid craftsmanship down to the last detail. Innovative technology and particularly high demands on safety and comfort characterise this practical household grain mill.
hawos easy requires only 15 x 15 cm of floor space. With it, you can grind your household needs quietly and effortlessly. The powerful 360-watt industrial motor makes it easy.

The whole mill consists of only three parts:

  1. Handwheel for stepless adjustment of the fineness of the flour and brake screw
  2. Trichtereinsatz mit feststehendem Stein und Einschaltsicherung
  3. The housing with motor, grinding chamber and rotating stone

Timeless design

With its square footprint, hawos easy is a technical and visual enrichment for your kitchen. Square, practical, with elegantly rounded corners. This style is not subject to any fashion trends. The form follows the function.

The grinder concept: simply ingeniousund easy

The upper, fixed grindstone is integrated into the hopper insert. The degree of fineness is adjusted with the one-hand operation - the handwheel.

Motor and grinder

The powerful, long-life industrial motor with 360 watts is integrated in the housing. Start-up safety is ensured even when the hopper is full. The grindstones made of particularly hard corundum ceramic with a diameter of 70 mm are mounted horizontally.

Stable and stable in value

The finish of the hawos easy, treated with linseed oil varnish, shows off the natural, fine grain of the wood to its best advantage.

Simply adjust the degree of fineness

The one-hand operation can be turned in any direction.

Easy to dismantle

.. for cleaning or removing a foreign object.

Easy removal of the hopper insert

Remove the brake screw, pull out the hand wheel, take out the hopper insert (no thread can jam!).

Integrated child safety lock

Accidental switching on with the hopper insert removed is impossible with hawos easy.

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