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Grinding efficiency 170 grams per minute
Grindstone from natural stone granite with 105mm diameter
Funnel capacity 1400 gram
Setting the flour fineness by turning the hopper
Grain mill also suitable for maize and hard grains
RRP: 1143,- € in Beech
RRP: 1198,- € in Oak
RRP: 1224,- € in Walnut

MT12 in Beech at Producer

MT12 in Oak at Producer

MT12 in Walnut at Producer


Flour fine 170 g/min
Hopper cap. 1400 g
Grindstone Granite
Gr. Diameter 105 mm
Gr. Chamber Beech
Weight 12,5 kg
Engine power 550 W
Shelter height 175 mm
H / W / D 380 / 210 / 210 mm
Wood species Beech
Finish Beeswax oil
Warranty 12 Years


Salzburg Grain Mills briefly presented:


"MT12" Grain Mill Info

The housing

The housings of the natural stone mill MT12 and the even stronger MT18 are made of glued laminated beech wood. Water-soluble glue is used to produce the laminated wood.

The finish

To protect the wood, the outside of the mill is treated with satin-finish beeswax oil.

The granite grindstone for convinced nature lovers

AGRISAN is a specialist in natural stone grindstones with over 40 years of experience in grindstone construction. The manufacturer understands the selection of the right type of granite and the processing of the stones for fine grinding results. The granite stone convinces with extreme hardness (harder than steel), abrasion resistance and durability. It simply crushes small stones in the grain without suffering any damage. Each pair of stones is unique. With the utmost precision, the two grindstones are individually matched to each other by hand in each mill.

Funnel and grinding chamber

AGRISAN also relies on pure nature for the Gr. Chamber. That is why the Gr. Chamber is not cast from plastic, but hand-turned from beech wood. The hopper is also turned from solid beech wood and its dimensions (extremely thick-walled) make it almost indestructible, surrounded by a stainless steel ring with a thread for fine adjustment.

The grinder

The lower grindstone ( rotor ) is driven directly by the motor below. The upper grindstone ( stator ) is resiliently attached to the bottom of the hopper.

The coarse/fine adjustment

The fineness of the flour is adjusted by turning the hopper. A locking screw on the side keeps the hopper in the desired position.

The flour ejector

The steel flour ejector is also worth a special mention. It is lined with wood on the inside.

The motor with 550 watts

The special industrial motor is built exclusively for "DIE SALZBURGER GETREIDEMÜHLE": Simple, stable construction, thick winding, long laminated core and solid insulation are the guarantees for long life and reliability. The motor runs very quietly, is maintenance-free and overload-protected.

What all can be ground with Salzburger Grain Mills:

Grist table of the SALZBURGER grain mills

Manual Salzburger MT12


What distinguishes an original Salzburger grain mill:

  • Grinding chamber made of solid wood, no plastic
  • Comparison of flour properties of plastic vs. wood grinding chamber
  • Natural stone granite vs. artificial stone corundum ceramic
  • Chamber properties
  • Setting - thread material (MT12 and MT18)


Production of the Salzburger grain mill MT12 in the video:


Handling of the Salzburger MT12 in the video:


Demonstration of the hardness of the Grindstoness made of natural stone granite:

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