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Grinding efficiency 90 grams per minute
Grindstone from natural stone granite with 90mm diameter
Funnel capacity 900 gram
Setting the flour fineness by turning the rotary knob
Grain mill not suitable for maize and hard grains
RRP: 649,- € in Beech
RRP: 699,- € in Oak

MAX in Beech at Producer

MAX in Oak at Producer


Flour fine 90 g/min
Hopper cap. 900 g
Grindstone Granite
Gr. Diameter 90 mm
Gr. Chamber Beech
Weight 8,0 kg
Engine power 350 W
Shelter height 100 mm
H / W / D 355 / 156 / 156 mm
Wood species Beech or Oak
Finish Beeswax
Warranty 12 Years


Salzburg Grain Mills briefly presented:


"Max" Grain Mill Info

Mill housing

The housing of this grain mill is made of solid beech wood. Compact construction and a no-nonsense, clean design are the hallmarks of this grain mill.


The finish of the mill housing is naturally treated with beeswax.

Grindstone - natural stone granite

Granite carefully selected by AGRISAN is completely natural in origin and offers properties that have now been proven in Salzburg Grain Mills for over 35 years:

  • The granite grindstone is perfectly bound by nature, breaking out of small grindstone particles is actually only possible with improper handling.
  • Granite is harder and more wear resistant than steel, it even grinds small stones etc. that may be in the grain, protecting your teeth.
  • The granite in Salzburg Grain Mills is extremely abrasion-resistant, hard and proven to be durable.
  • Because of its extreme hardness, however, the granite is very difficult to work, which of course affects the price.

Easy to open due to 2 eccentric screws

If cleaning is ever necessary, opening two eccentric screws ( quick-release fastener ) and lifting off the hopper is a quick and easy way to get into the Gr. Chamber.

Grinding mechanism - elastic bearing of the grindstones

The elastic bearing of the grindstones brings 2 advantages:
- Very low grinding noise (approx. 70 dB).
- Protection against major grinder damage caused by foreign bodies ( small stones ) in the grain.

Motor - robust and durable

The motor is compact and, with 360 watts of power, amply dimensioned, runs almost noiselessly, is stable, trouble-free and maintenance-free. The integrated winding protection protects against costly damage caused by overheating.

Coarse-fine regulator - unique among mills

This coarse-fine regulator can be operated with one hand. There is no need to hold the mill while adjusting. Each fineness level can be adjusted continuously, even during grinding. The selected setting value is reproducible and always guarantees the same fine or coarse flour.

Natural stone mill "MAX SPECIAL" for gluten allergy sufferers

The specialist for a gluten-free diet, especially for grinding corn and other large, hard grains with a special grindstone surface (stone ground).

More about MAX Spezial at Salzburger.

Manual Salzburger MAX SPEZIAL


What distinguishes an original Salzburger grain mill:

  • Grinding chamber made of solid wood, no plastic
  • Comparison of flour properties plastic vs. wood Gr. Chamber
  • Natural stone granite vs. artificial stone corundum ceramic
  • Chamber properties
  • Setting - thread material (MT12 und MT18)


Salzburger grain mill MAX in the video:

SALZBURGER Natural stone mills LogoSALZBURGER Natural stone mills
Salzburger Grain Mill Carina
ab 586,- €
Salzburger Grain Mill Max
ab 649,- €
Salzburger Grain Mill Max
ab 694,- €
Salzburger Grain Mill MT 5
ab 748,- €
Salzburger Grain Mill MT12N
ab 1197,- €
Salzburger Grain Mill MT18N
2249,- €
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