Samap "Elsaesser Grain Mill F100"

Flour fine 200 / 250 g/min
Hopper cap. 800/1600 g
Grindstone Corundum magnesite
Gr. Diameter 94 mm / Kegel
Gr. Chamber Steel
Weight 14,5 kg
Engine power 500 W
Shelter height Glass and bag
H / W / D 390 / 480 / 570 mm*
Stand depth 200 mm
Stand width 250 mm
Casing Plastic
Warranty 2 / 10 Years**

*Height without / 1 Hopper / 2 Hoppers
** Gesetzl. / Grindstones and Motor



"Elsaesser F100" Grain Mill Info

French engineering
... creates a mill with outstanding features:

  • Integrated cooling of the Grindstones and Gr. Chamber
  • Grindstones with automatic grinding function for years of operation without resharpening
  • High-precision thread for adjusting the degree of fineness
  • Superior flour fineness in confectioner quality
  • dust-free grinding with collecting glass or bag
  • also grinds maize and chickpeas

An above-average 550-watt motor grinds 250 grams of fine flour per minute at an extremely high speed of 2850 rpm comparable to the fineness of other household grain mills. At the extreme setting, the mill produces even finer pastry-quality flour at 200 g/min without overheating.

The fineness of the flour can be adjusted steplessly and extremely precisely by turning the top part. The grain feed and thus the amount of grain in the Gr. Chamber is limited with the quantity intake screw. This allows you to grind even tiny grains like amaranth or teff if you turn it almost completely closed. Other mills regularly fail on such small grains. By keeping the loads low by regulating the quantity intake and the energy released during milling, the temperature rise is limited

Flour quality
Thanks to the exclusive system for cooling the Grindstones and Gr. Chamber by the fan of the rotating Grindstone, the flour quality is not affected by an excessive temperature rise during milling. The dough rises better the less the flour has been heated during the milling process.
Vitamins, trace elements, enzymes, natural yeasts, germs and unsaturated oils of the germs are preserved in the best possible way.

Grain Mill
The Elsaesser Grain Mill F100 is suitable for grinding all types of grain as well as dry and non-fatty or highly dried pulses (e.g. soya). Even large grist such as maize kernels or chickpeas are no problem for the Elsaesser Grain Mill F100. Another advantage of the basalt-magnesite grinder: It also grinds popcorn maize into the finest flour.


Grain mill Test Elsaesser F100 Top-Ten of 50




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Elsaesser Grain Mill F100
899,- €

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